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    Smile Program/method of downloading Java application of web


    I am looking for a method or program that would enable me to download an astrology program that is actually a Java applet. I am able to use this online but would like the option of using it offline hence the reason for downloading it.

    Does anyone know how I would be able to do that? The company has provided it for free so there are no issues with downloading if it is possible.


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    the applet will be .class files, or .jar files, and the HTML file to include the applet tag. It is possible likely to create a modified html file that has the same parameters to the applet to launch it with a local or relative path.

    There used to be "appletviewer" command that came with the JDK to launch applets outside of web browsers, but having a Desktop/myapplet/index.html with applet tag and relative path to code base files should also work in a web browser with the java applet plugin too.

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    looking for a method or program that would enable me to download an astrology program that is actually a Java applet
    Most browsers will do that.
    View the html source, get the path to the .class file or jar file and put that into the browser's location/URL field.

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