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    Default Obtein informaticon from other

    Hello! I have a doubt with the next:

    I have a JFrame called Pablo and other called Pepe;
    Both Jframe have a attribute String text;

    I have a method:

    Java Code:
    public method(JFrame j){
    //I need to do it sssomething with the variable text, like:
        j.text = "hola"
    //But i don't know which JFrame is!!! How Can I do to know what is it?
    Thanks! :)

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    Im not quite sure what you are saying. If you want the method to be specific to each frame, you could do this:

    public method(JFrame j, String l)
    j.text = l;
    and call it like this: method(Pablo, "text");

    Alternatively, you may be confusing the use of an argument. When you call a method, you would call it like this : method(Pablo);
    that Pablo is then passed to j. j is now sort of a nickname for pablo. So now you would say j.text = "hola";

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    I would tend to go more towards an OOP solution where the code holding the JTextField in question has a public method called setMyText(String text), and sets the JTextField's text from within this method.

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