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    Default MySQL JDBC query returns no response

    When it's supposed to.

    Java Code:
            PCSSafe.sql.result = PCSSafe.sql.sql_statement.executeQuery("SELECT * from pcs_config WHERE cfg_id = 1");
            if(PCSSafe.sql.sql_statement.getFetchSize() == 0){
                System.out.println("No results from config load");
    -->     cassette[0].contents[0] = PCSSafe.sql.result.getInt("cfg_V1_1s");
            cassette[0].contents[1] = PCSSafe.sql.result.getInt("cfg_V1_2s");
            cassette[0].contents[2] = PCSSafe.sql.result.getInt("cfg_V1_5s");
            cassette[0].contents[3] = PCSSafe.sql.result.getInt("cfg_V1_10s");
            cassette[0].contents[4] = PCSSafe.sql.result.getInt("cfg_V1_20s");
            cassette[0].contents[5] = PCSSafe.sql.result.getInt("cfg_V1_50s");
            cassette[0].contents[6] = PCSSafe.sql.result.getInt("cfg_V1_100s");
            cassette[0].balance = PCSSafe.sql.result.getFloat("cfg_V1_bal");
            cassette[0].denomination = PCSSafe.sql.result.getInt("cfg_V1_denom");
            cassette[0].field = PCSSafe.sql.result.getString("cfg_V1_field");
            cassette[0].name = PCSSafe.sql.result.getString("cfg_V1_name");
        } catch (Exception e){
    This does not return any results, but there is one entry in pcs_db.pcs_config and the same text copied and pasted into a mysql prompt returns the expected response. I have tested similar code on the log table and it dutifully returns data.

    In the debugger, it gets to the code at the "--->" and there, the method just stops. No errors, no exceptions, just doesn't execute.

    If someone can tell an annoyed noob where he's being a jackass, it'd be appreciated.

    Annoyed Noob
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    The getFetchSize() method doesn't return the number of records that were actually fetched but is an indication how many records can be fetched in one sweep. See the explanation in the API documentation for the setFetchSize(int n) method when n == 0

    kind regards,


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