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Thread: Enum Iteration

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    Default Enum Iteration

    How do you iterate through an enumeration in Java? I tried the way I would expect from working with C++:

    Java Code:
    for( int ix = 1; ix < MyEnum.LastEnum; ix++)
      // Do something here
    I get the error "Cannot cast MyEnum to Int." Isn't an enumeration always a constant integral type? If not, how can I iterate through enumerations?

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    An Enum is strongly typed so, unlike c++, you can't implicitly cast from an enum to an int and vice versa.
    To do your loop using the values() static function to get an array of MyEnum objects:
    Java Code:
    for(MyEnum myEnum : MyEnum.values()) {
    			//Do stuff here!
    Hope that sorts you out,

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