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    Default Saving the contents of a variable to disk

    I am writing a program that is very computation intensive. I am taking a large number of images, analysing them, and saving the results to an array. This step takes a very long amount of time, especially for large images, so it would be good if there is some way for me to save this array to disk, so I can just reload the variable the next time I run it, instead of starting from scratch.

    I can do this fine with integer arrays, as I just write the numbers into a txt file and reload the next time. But I also have a File[] array, and I don't know how to save this one to disk. Any help? :(

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    You cannot write an object array to anything. However, consider providing a unique piece of data (filename is the most obvious--and short filenames have no spaces, you know, PROGRA~1 and all that, so you can still tokenize from spaces), and saving that to the file instead.

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    also have a File[] array, and I don't know how to save this one to disk
    How about saving the full paths to the files to disk. That would allow you to reconstruct the File[] array from the filenames.

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