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    Default how to write except in java??


    i have some problems regarding on how to write exception for a job
    this is my code:

    Java Code:
    for (i=starti-1; i<=starti+1; i++){
    	       for (j=startj-1; j<=startj+1; j++){
    		   if ( i! = starti && j! = startj){
    	System.out.println( "i: "+i+"        j: "+ j +"  ");}
    ....} }

    i want to print the coordinate i and j except for both i not equal to starti and j not equal to startj [starti & startj is given earlier]. with the method i used here the code just read if i not equal starti or j not equal to start j.
    so anyone can gives idea on doing this?? :confused:
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    Please note that I edited your code above to add code tags so that the code will retain its formatting and be readable. To learn to do this yourself, please check out the appropriate link in my signature.

    Now, as to your problem, does your code above even compile? For something to not equal something else you don't do
    Java Code:
    if (a! = b) {  // won't work

    but rather
    Java Code:
    if (a != b) {

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