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    Question Possible loss of precision

    Is it normal that my java compiler complaints against using this ?

    Java Code:
    public class InputTest {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            [COLOR="Red"]float x = 10000.0 / 3.0;[/COLOR]
    } possible loss of precision
    found : double
    retuired : float.

    float x = 10000.0 / 3.0;

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    The right hand side of your statement uses two double literals, one divided by another, producing a double. Since a double is more precise than a float, you are likely losing precision by making the result a float. Why not stick with double?

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    Just to clarify, if you're looking to use float, you'd want to do:
    float x = 10000.0f / 3.0f;

    But Fubarable's idea is better; just use double as it keeps the necessary precision.

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