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    Default Help: Displaying Images AND Adding Buttons

    At first I had no idea how to display images in a window displayer, so I browsed through the web to find some code, and ended up with:

    OK, so the program runs to display an image, no problem there. I copied the code for my own class so then I can display my own image(s). The problem now is that I also want to add buttons in the same program; in this case, I need to get my class to extends EasyApp. The idea is to add 4 directional buttons (up, down, left, right) in which I can move the image a number amount of pixels (with a border limit); simple. However, because my class is already extending another class (Component or EasyApp), there can not be multiple inheritance using extends. Either I have no image(s), or I have no buttons, or the code doesn't compile, or the program doesn't work. I am not so sure about implements right now (I have barely any knowledge on it).

    Is there any alternative code to make this work? Or do I have to create separate classes? Or what should I do?
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    If I want my GUI to have a background image, I usually extend JPanel and then draw the image in the JPanel's paintComponent method and then add this JPanel to the JFrame's contentPane. Then I can add whatever components I'd like to this JPanel, but taking sure that if I add other JPanels, I call setOpaque(false) on them first.

    You'll find plenty of example code for doing this here at other forum sites, and via google.

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    Create an ImageIcon using the Image and add the Icon to a JLabel. Then you can add the label to a JPanel using a null layout. the label can be moved by invoking the setLocation() method of the label.

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