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    Default First windows application


    I've just started with java about 2 weeks ago because I'm going to get it in school in a few weeks.
    Now i`ve been busy with the web-applets and that is going pretty good.
    But because i`m building a webbased RPG i wanted to make a separate application to play the game.
    This would also be a good training for me so i can get to know Java very good.

    Now i have started with the Windows Forms in Visual J# 2005 express I've started to play around with the forms a bit to get familiar with everything.

    But when i started to make the first part, the menu part, I've encountered a couple of problems.

    My first try was to make a Exit button in a menu but i just kept on getting compiling errors.
    Does anyone know where i might be able to find some resources about working with Windows Forms ?

    Kinds regards,

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    visual J# = java? :confused:
    I don't know that, but anyway, if it is Java, then just look in one of sun's tutorial bout swing or awt
    And bout making the exit, just use the System.exit(0) on the button, that'll do the exit

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