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    Hi Forum
    Can anybody help me with this assignment, i am new in java and had three very fast lessons about java programming, i cant do this assignment i tried.
    Can anybody help me i have to finish this, if you are any good i will compensate your time.
    Thanks in advance

    The assignment is below...

    Java RMI JDBC Programming Practice

    Title: Java Program for Remote Parking Door Control
    Delivery Date: September 30th
    , 2010

    The objective of this practice is to gain skills in Java programming and assimilate the
    main concepts and techniques of implementing the 3-tier architecture using RMI and

    Design and implement a program in Java RMI JDBC that enables remote clients to
    control entrances and exits of employee cars of an enterprise to and from the parking
    of the enterprise, which has only one entrance and one exit door. To this end, the
    program should use a database for storing the information of:

    o Name
    o Surname
    o Department name
    o Car Id
    o Model
    o Car register (“Targa”)
    o Date of last entrance to the parking
    o Date of last exit from the parking

    Assume in the above that one employee has only one registered car with permission to
    use the parking. There are only 50 parking spaces offered by the enterprise.

    The objective of this practice is to develop a client/server program in Java RMI JDBC
    that offers to remote clients the following options (which simulate the entrance and
    exit of cars from the parking using Id cards) through a contextual menu1

    1. Connect the server application to the database
    2. Connect one or more clients to the server application
    3. A client (employee) requests to enter the parking by indicating the car Id.
    a. If there is free space in the parking (there are only 50 parking places)
    and if the car Id has access rights (that is, it is in the database!), the
    server should notify “Parking is open. Please enter!” and should store in
    the database the timestamp of the entrance of the car in the parking.
    b. If the car Id is correct but the parking is full (there is no free space), the
    program should notify “Parking is full, sorry!”

    A Graphical User Interface is not required, but would be positively evaluated. c. If the car Id has no access rights, the server should notify “You don’t
    have access to the parking”.
    4. A client (employee) requests to exit the parking by indicating the car Id. If the
    car is inside the building (that is, it has entered the door and has not exit it yet)
    and has access rights to enter and exit the door, the server should notify him
    “Door is open. Goodbye!” and should store in the database the timestamp of
    the exit of the car from the parking. If the card Id has no access rights to exit
    the parking, the server should notify “You don’t have access to exit the
    (Note: in the later case, in a real situation the system should send an alert
    because someone has entered the parking illegally, but you should not deal
    with this in the program!)
    5. Disconnect the application server from the database

    The program should check that all the introduced information is correct and whenever
    there is any error, exceptions should be used to inform the user. The user should be
    asked to introduce the correct information.

    You can use the class MessageException in try-catch blocks to notify possible

    To implement the program follow the steps below:

    1. Design and implement the database
    2. Define the remote interface (only one remote interface in this case)
    3. Implement the remote interface
    4. Implement a Java server application
    5. Implement a Java client application that uses the remote interface.
    6. Compile all java sources (with javac) and further generate stubs and skeletons
    (with rmic)
    7. Deploy the application (classes at server and client sides, resp.)

    public class MessageException extends Exception
    private String message;
    public MessageException (String pMessage)
    public String getMessage()
    return message;
    } For running and testing the application you can use the localhost.

    o The practice can be done either individually or in groups of two students.
    o You can use the java classes and source code of the examples used during
    the course.
    o To have an option for higher mark, students can consider to add to the Car
    the validity information of the car Id:
    o Date of issue of car Id
    o Date of expire of car Id

    and use this information to check if the car Id is valid or has expired.


    You should deliver a zip file with the following:

    1. All java source files,
    2. All objects .class files
    3. Two sql scripts: one for creating the database, another one for inserting
    registers (rows) in the tables of the database. The name of the database should
    be Parking
    4. The file
    5. A short document including:
    a. Title of the practice, authors and delivery date
    b. Problem formulation
    c. A manual with instructions on how to execute the program

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    So you expect that by posting your assignment en toto and without showing a shred of your work, without asking a specific question, somebody's going to do this for you? Sorry, but that's not how it works here. I'm going to lock this thread but will invite you to repost a new thread if it contains specific questions pertaining to your attempts to solve this.

    Much luck.

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