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    Please help me finding the error on my program. As stated below it needs to display the factorial of each 10 value in array.. But when I run this program it only display 1 value and 1 factorial. Please help on this. Thanks :)

    //Write a program that will input 10 integers then display the factorial of each value in array

    import javax.swing.*;
    public class factorial
    static int[] num=new int[10];
    public static void main(String args[])
    for (int loc=0;loc<num.length;loc++)
    num[loc]=Integer.parseInt(JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Ent er index of "+loc));
    display (num);
    public static void display(int a[])
    int facto=1;
    int x=1;
    String temp="";
    for(int loc=0;loc<a.length;loc++)
    temp+="\nIndex of "+loc+" "+a[loc];
    facto*=x; //I guess the problem is on this
    // part.. I need a code that
    } //will move to the next array...
    temp+="\nfacto is "+facto;
    JTextArea jt=new JTextArea(15,30);
    JScrollPane js=new JScrollPane(jt);
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    Your code is very hard to read. Please add the [code ] and [/code ] tags (no space) around it to preserve formatting.

    Also please add some comments to the code describing what each step of the code is supposed to do.

    it only display 1 value and 1 factorial
    Where/how does it display anything?

    For debugging add the following to show your results:
    System.out.println("num=" + Arrays.toString(num)); // show num values

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