Some Background:
I have been creating a "tool" which basically takes two documents, and merges them together while also removing some irrelevant pages from the documents. The irrelevant pages are determined based on user input. I have created a working version using itext and pdfbox. The problem is that the document needs to be edited even after it is run through the program. Therefore the ideal final file type would be a word document (.doc or .docx). So now I need to change it to export into a .doc format. I have both original documents in word and pdf versions. I am trying to avoid using pdf at all. I have tried doing this with apache poi and open office API, and not that they don't work, I am just not able to figure out how to merge the documents and to remove pages.

I need an API that can remove pages from a .doc file and merge that document with another word document and then save it.

I am looking for any help/suggestions on what I should do.

Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.