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    Default Destroying a JFrame

    I have a program that creates a frame, adds some panels, buttons textfields, etc. This frame displays data from a table. Depending on what type of entry selected there are a different number of text fields. I have a button to close the form but keeps the table open so you can select another entry. When I click to view the new entry it just places the new textfields, buttons, etc on top of what I previously had. How can I make it so the frame is destroyed soI can create a new one with the new data. I have tried frame.remove(), frame.dispose(). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Not sure about the others, but myself, I can't tell what you're doing wrong based on your description alone. You should look into creating and posting an SSCCE (please see the link).

    Much luck.

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    Not sure why you would want to destroy the original frame? Like fubarable said you need to post some code so we can get an idea what you are doing.

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