i tried the bellow code for convert doc to pdf

code flow

1) i make a FileInputStream object of the doc to be converted
2)i make a DataInputStream object of FileInputStream object
3) I used a Word Extractor object of DataInputStream
4) i used a pdf writer to create a pdf
5)open the pdf
6)document.add(new Paragraph(wordExtractor.getText()));
7)close the pdf

The issue i am facing is
1)I need to enable no copy/no print option in pdf.
2)And also when we used the above code we cant have image in the document.
3)I also need a solution to convert the ppts to pdf.
4)Another problem is like If I type one sentence in one page and 2nd line in second page .when pdf is created both the lines will come in same page.

Please help me as early as possible