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    Default Can C++ routines be called from Java program


    I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but can C++ code/libraries be called within a Java program?

    I'm using Matlab for scientific computing, and a special option may be purchased that outputs an .so file, which can be used as a shared library for standalone C++ code. I wonder if a Java program can access and use such a file?

    Matlab provides the ability to port to Java directly but it's another $4000 option that I'd like to avoid if possible using the above scheme.

    Thanks in advance, -Gkk

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    It's not a dumb question, not whatsoever.

    Here's a couple links for you to look at; unfortunately I've never done it myself but these look to be exactly what you need.
    Integrating Native Methods into Java Programs
    Java Tip 17: Integrating Java with C++ - JavaWorld
    How to Access C++ from Java | Javalobby

    Best of luck!

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    Oracle have an oldish tutorial on JNI.
    I don't think it's changed significantly since then, but I haven't used it much so can't guarantee.

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