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    Default Can Java desktop GUI also be seemlessly served on web?

    Hello experts,

    I would like to outsource a custom Java GUI development for the desktop, but would like to keep the option for offering it on web browser. Could you help me answer the follow two questions?

    1. Could the same Java GUI be used for the desktop as well as the web browser (assuming a proper web server is installed on the server)? That is, is this one development effort with no changes between desktop and web, or two separate developments (one for desktop and another for web), or somewhere in between (if so, what's different)?

    2. Can I expect the same look and feel on the desktop as on the web browser (ignoring the loss of 1 inch of browser buttons/etc on top of browser window)?

    Ideally I'd ask the company I solicit to outsource this development, but they may be biased as they have something to gain. Hoping I can get a better, more thorough answer here. Thanks in advance. -Gkk

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    Look into Applets and/or java webstart. Applets are slightly different versions of a desktop app run within the browser (a bit different from the design app standpoint but somewhat similar conceptually). Java Webstart is a downloadable form of the application - click a link in the browser and download/launch the app.

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