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    Default Adding letters to arrays??

    I am trying out these little crack the code programs and at one point there is a function that adds letter to the array then gets the modulo? i have no idea what it is doing.
    Java Code:
    char strarr[] = guess.toCharArray();
    		for (int i=0; i<strarr.length; i++) 
    			strarr[i] = (char)((strarr[i]-'A'+9)%26+'A');
    the array is : "CQXVJBSNOONABXW"

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    ascii value of 'A'=65(decimal). 65+9=74.

    so say the guess was 'a' which is equal to 97 in decimal. That would leave you
    with 97-65+9=41.
    15+'A' = 15+ 65 = 80;

    80 in ascii = P capital.

    have a look here: Ascii Table - ASCII character codes and html, octal, hex and decimal chart conversion

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    tbh looks like very basic encryption
    Teaching myself java so that i can eventually join the industry! Started in June 2010

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