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    Exclamation Game making help

    I am new to java and taking a class for it, I need to make a final project to finish it. I was hoping to make something where you type something in then the computer responds and will ask questions and i want there to be a window with a picture in it - not a moving graphic - that you could type in to. I have all the code done except for a window to open and for it to have a graphic on it i also don't know if i would need to add a text box afterward to type into. Please does anybody know a tutorial on this type of thing?

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    Welcome to Java Forums Mrkantaloupe.

    There is an old game called Myst that can be easily implemented with an AWT or Swing interface. The idea is to display an image containing several invisible hot spots on the screen. If the player clicks on a hot spot, the game displays a different image of the next scene. You can improve your text-based game by modifying your game logic to display these scenes. PM me if you are interested in a coded example.

    Good luck with your project
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