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    Default SwingWorker or just plain thread


    I'm trying to write an application which reads streaming information from a socket and displays it in graphical form. I'm using a Java Swing application. Should I put the code for reading information from the socket in a Swingworker thread or just a plain thread. By plain thread I mean something like:

    private static class MessageLoop implements Runnable {


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    I think a SwingWorker would use the same type of Thread as you'd create.
    The reason to use it would be ease of use or to use with other classes.

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    Agrees with Norm and also will add that if you decide to go with the non-SwingWorker background thread, take care to call all Swing-related code on the EDT (Event Dispatch Thread) by placing it in a Runnable and call in the parameter of a SwingUtilities.invokeLater(....) call. Much luck!

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