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    Default Getting a successfully completed return from Textpad but with no respones from script

    Hello Java Friends,

    I am new to Java and this is my first actual post. My code is as follows:

    Java Code:
    public class SantiagoRalphProg4
      public static void main(String[] args)
        double speed;
        double stoppingDistance;
        System.out.println("Enter speed: ");
        speed = stdIn.nextDouble();
        System.out.println("Stopping distance: ");
        stoppingDistance = (speed * (2.25 + speed / 21));
        if (stoppingDistance < 178.5)
        System.out.println ("No problem");
        }//end if
        else if (stoppingDistance == 178.5)
        System.out.println("Minor Wreck");
        }//end else if
        System.out.println("Major Wreck");
        }//end else
      }//end main
    }//end class SantiagoRalphProg4

    I'm trying to get the stopping speed and corresponding response. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong with the code?


    Weazel Boy
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    Hello, and welcome to the forum. I hope you don't mind that I edited your code and added code tags which should help make your posted code retain its formatting and be more readable.

    To do this yourself, highlight your pasted code (please be sure that it is already formatted when you paste it into the forum; the code tags don't magically format unformatted code) and then press the code button, and your code will have tags.

    Another way to do this is to manually place the tags into your code by placing the tag [cod&#101;] above your pasted code and the tag [/cod&#101;] below your pasted code like so:

    Java Code:
      // your code goes here
      // notice how the top and bottom tags are different
    Now regarding your problem -- does your code even compile without error? I see right off the bat that it appears that you're trying to use a Scanner variable without declaring or initializing it.

    Best of luck, and again, welcome!

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