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    Default client-server communication problem


    I have the following problem in the client-server communication in one of the applications. I have a startup process which communicates with a init server(init server is dedicated to assign port numbers to various servers randomly or based on username) to get the port number to actually start server1. The problem is if no init server or a server1 is already running,they are started in the same process as the startup process. So if the startup process dies,the init and server1 dies with it which is not I want.
    What is the solution for this? how can I make the startup process to run in a separate process independent of other servers??


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    Usually when developing a server, you create all the server peers as separate Threads. Try making your servers implement Runnable or extending Thread and running them as separate processes.

    If your servers are not java classes (let's say some external applications) you can make use

    Java Code:
    and then

    Java Code:
    in order to keep your init process alive.

    Good luck.

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