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    Smile approaching a Java Proyect: Sellers & Buyers matching on a zipcode:

    Hi Guys, entrepreneur here working on a start up and just started taking Java training, although of course, I am really behind my needs!
    In any case, the project consists in a webpage essentially linking sellers and buyers selling and buying the same service.
    The java program should be able to (a) create a profile for each individual and (b) "match" Sellers and buyers profiles trhough ZIPCODE or geographic area or may be a set of preferences....

    Is this too costly to do? any suggestion on how to approach the project?

    Thanks in advance for your comments (expert comments I should say!)

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    It's possible to do with JSP in much better way. Kind of a portal you want.

    Basically you have two user types, buyers and sellers. Maintain profile, retrieve data based on unique details and stuff are additional features you've to implement. Don't you have the complete design on this?

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