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    Default Best libraries to manage text, multimedia, across multiple devices


    I have also posted the following message in the Sun Java Programming forums - sorry for the cross post (to a different website), but I just wanted to try to get as many responses as possible, and also to find out the best website to ask questions.

    I've been developing in Java and other OO languages for 20 years, but only occasionally for the last 10, so I am somewhere between a newbie and an expert - a bit of each. I have a few questions about the best libraries to use.

    I am developing an application that will need to run on a lot of different environments - web, Facebook, mobile (iPhone, Android), etc. It will also be translated into a lot of different languages. I have a few different questions:

    1. Is there a good framework that already exists to manage the different UIs that will be required, from a single app server?

    2. Is there a good library to manage multilingual text, including fonts, styles (bold, italics, etc.), size (considering different types of devices, we might want to use large/small instead of actual point size).

    3. Is there a good library to use to play multimedia - video of various formats, images of various formats, sounds of various formats, on different devices?

    Thanks in advance for all your help!!
    Cheers, Steppenwulf

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    A lot of those technologies are already present in the core SE distribution and the JEE framework takes care of the different tiers. Of course there are a lot of third party libraries available but imho they only muddle the water. Google might be your best option here.

    kind regards,


    ps. Java only exist since +- 1995 ;-)

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    Thanks Jos. I am actually looking for some libraries that people have used and found effective, rather than a generic response about looking at Google.

    P.S. - Java certified since 1997. Smalltalk programmer since 1989. C++ and C also in the 1990s. Management since 1999.
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