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    Default Some Basic file handling questions

    hey i've just moved onto file handling but the way ive learnt to handle files seems a bit untidy and i was wondering if there is a better way to handle files compared to how i am doing it. below is my code

    What i dont like about this code is that im creating 3 objects all of different classes to basically handle one file. is there not one object which can do it all?
    ie check the file exists, read from it, write to it, delete it etc?

    PHP Code:
    public class GUI extends JFrame{
       private Scanner fileReader;     // used for reading files
       private File fileHandle;        //used for checking file exists 
       private Formatter fileCreator;  //used for creating files
       public boolean checkFile(String fileNamePassed){
            boolean exists = false;
                   fileHandle = new File(fileNamePassed);
                        exists = true;      //return true if File name exists
            }catch(Exception e){
            return exists;
       public void createFile(String fileNamePassed){
                   if (checkFile(fileNamePassed) == false )   //If no File exists
                        fileCreator = new Formatter(fileNamePassed); //Blank File created
                        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "file already exists");
            }catch(Exception e){
       public void readFile(String fileNamePassed){
                   if (checkFile(fileNamePassed) == true)   //If  File exists
                        fileReader= new Scanner(new File(fileNamePassed)); //initiate reader object
                        //some reading code here
                        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "file doesn't exists");
           }catch(Exception e){}
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    Sorry. Your just beginning to get into files. There are so many classes that it will confuse you when you see them all.
    Be sure to read and study the Tutorial on this one. And write LOTs of short example programs to use each of them. A technique would be to write out a file and then read it back in and display what's read or compare it against what was written. Most write/read methods should be symmetrical.

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