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    Default Importing text data

    Dear Forum members,

    Thanks in advance for this.

    I have written a java program which reads lines of text from a text file and then puts delimiters after every field into an another text file. Now this text file is imported into Access 2007 and a report is made for every record. However the problem i am facing is as follows. I want the Access file to be updated as and when the text file is updated. So is there any way in java by which you can combine them together so that once the text file is updated even the Access file is updated every time. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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    You can call the Access program from a java program. I assume that Access is the one to update the Access file.
    I don't know if their is an API/commandline args for the java program to tell the Access program what to do so the Access program can run in batch mode.

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