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Thread: Chi sqaure test

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    Default Chi sqaure test

    I want to do Chi-square test, to find the weather two distribution are same or not.

    I want to use some statistical function to do that.
    i found common math library to that test.

    But I don't know how to use that library.
    Math - Commons-Math: The Apache Commons Mathematics Library

    and I find the code as

    long[] observed = {10, 9, 11};
    double[] expected = {10.1, 9.8, 10.3};
    System.out.println(TestUtils.chiSquare(expected, observed));

    If anyone can give me the idea about how to sue it, that will be very helpful for me.

    Thank you

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    What happens when you execute your program?
    If the answer is wrong, can you explain what it should be?

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    To calculate the chi-squared value for simple data, you don't need any special library. All you have to do is to apply the formula for the calculation to the data:

    Now to get a p value from the chi-square result and your degree of freedoms, you'll need to use a look-up table or some external library.

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