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    Question design & generics for socket server


    I'm dealing a small program that has a SocketServer.
    I have a specific simple protocol that I'm implementing by myself.

    For the server I'm openeing a thread for every new session = socket
    (for a user connecting to the server).

    The problem is with the protocol design:
    I want to have an abstract class for "Message" - a protocol message between the server and the client.

    I tryed to create inside a "Session" class (which identifies each connection = independant socket) an abstract class for Message, so each session can instantiate new messages for every request (=message).

    The problem - something with the generics doesn't seem to work.
    These are the relevant headers:
    public class Session <M extends Message> extends Thread {
    public abstract class Message {
    public abstract String treatMessage(InetAddress ip, int port);
    public class Introduce extends Message {


    inside "Introduce" class I get error messages from eclipse:
    "no enclosing instance of type Session<M> is available due to some intermediate constructor invocation."
    "Session.Message is a raw type. References to generic type Session<M>. Message should be parametrized."

    The design is in this way because all sessions share the same database, and this is the design I found
    for this situation (inner class). If any new good idea for design I'd love to hear..


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