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    Default read commands from file and run it


    How can I read a text file with differents commands like ps aux, ls -al, etc. and run it?

    I using fileinputstream and runtime.
    I just need some help to find some examples to do that.

    This work->
    Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
    Process pr = rt.exec("c:\\test.exe -id=jallaf -password=jallaf run test");

    I want it to be like this:

    Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
    Process pr = rt.exec(file-with-command.txt + "-id=jallaf -password=jallaf run test");

    hope you understanding my problem.

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    Assuming you are working on unix platform, you need to run it as script(shell or perl). Just put all your commands in a file say "".
    Assign execute permission using chmod:-
    chmod 777

    Then, in Java do like this:-

    Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
    Process pr = rt.exec(relative-or-complete-path -of-file( + "-id=jallaf -password=jallaf run test");

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    thank you very much. it's work.

    But I have another runtime issue too.

    I want the java application read the string into a file.txt and put it in a runtime command.
    The issue is: I have a windows application in wine. The text file is for example
    cat file.txt
    c:\\program files\\shure\\shure.exe

    The java application should read this line and put it into here -->
    Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
    Process pr = rt.exec(c:\\program files\\shure\\shure.exe "any-command-for-shure");

    ("any-command-for-shure") is always in the java application - but the string in the text file will change. maybe somebody want to install shure in c:\shure\ so they have to write c:\\shure\\shure.exe in the text file.

    I think I should use a FileInputStream and read the file. The string is like String name = "shure";
    and i will put the variable in Process pr = rt.exec(shure + "any-command-for-shure"); ??

    I hope you understand me this time too.
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