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    Default Java Projects

    Hi all,

    I'm currently a student who's learning Java. I'm not taking this in school, but I have completed Sun's SL 110 and 275 courses which cover the basics of Java. I'm currently running dry on ideas on projects that I can work on. Can anyone suggest any interesting projects that are fun to do, or places where I can find project ideas? : )

    Yi Wei Ang

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    Default Re: Java Projects

    Well some interesting projects can be:
    -> program that solves a sudoku puzzle
    -> path/graph alghorithms that solv path problems like Dijkstra's algorithm

    or if that is to hard could make some basic Binary trees, heaps, lists or any other abstract data type

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    Default Re: Java Projects

    Here are some middle of the road projects I can recommend highly:

    Pong, Breakout, simple text editor, more advanced text editor, gui calculator, and an address book with a gui.

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