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    Default Meaning of "String..."

    Hello everybody,

    Do you know what is meant by "String..." in this code?
    Java Code:
     public BroadMulticast(InetAddress multicastAddress, int port, int bufferLength, String... interfaceNames) throws IOException {
        this(multicastAddress, port, bufferLength, buildInterfaces(interfaceNames));
    Thank you.

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    the . . . means one can do this:

    public BroadMulticast(someInetAddress, somePort, someBufferLength, stringOne, stringTwo, stringThree, stringFour, ...)


    public BroadMulticast(someInetAddress, somePort, someBufferLength)


    public BroadMulticast(someInetAddress, somePort, someBufferLength, stringOne)

    It's like the System.out.printf() method
    for an article on this, check out under the heading "Arbitrary Number of Arguments"
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