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Thread: JMenubar option

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    Default JMenubar option

    I am using VE in eclipse for building GUI.
    In the GUI whenever I open the files using File --> open option, it always get appended to previously opened text in the Jtextarea instead of overwriting on it.
    So can I just know how to do this.

    And in the reset button I had just written a code like
    TextArea.setText(""); But it doesnot clear anything the previous operations that were runned.
    Like it gives the output of the current as well as the previous operations that were done.
    So can anyone tell me how to fix this?


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    Crosspost: New To Java - JMenubar option

    Please read what JavaRanch says about cross-posting without being forthright about it: [BeForthrightWhenCrossPostingToOtherSites|]JavaRanch - Be Forthright When Cross Posting To Other Sites]

    The same etiquette applies here and in the other programming fora.

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    Default how to get objects from another class

    sorry mis-post

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    robertbob, please don't stick to others threads, if your question is not related with that. If you want to remove it please ask from one of our moderators. He'll do it for you. :)

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