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    Unhappy run a new java gui in windows XP (using eclipse SDK to create gui)


    I'm using eclipse SDK with visual editor for creating a GUI based on java.
    i can run it as java application or java bean through Eclipse but i would like to run it independently on my or any other computer (on windows).

    1) i know where to find the .class file.
    2) i installed and checked that JVM is working on my computer (that's a must ,right ? )
    3) i have tried using the CMD window to run commands like :
    java -classpath <full path to the .class directory> <class name>

    i keep getting an error from java claiming :
    "Could not find the main class :Program will exit"

    what am i doing wrong here ?

    i know there is more then one way for running a java gui (is a gui the same as any java application ?) - applet (running through web browser) ,not using a browser but simply run it on the computer.

    can you explain how do i run java gui's / applets ?


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    Is your class in a package?
    If so the classpath is to the top of the package structure, not all the way down tot he class file. And the class name is the full package name.

    Does your class have a main() method in it?

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