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    Default Advanced Looping

    How do i print the elements to the command line using a for loop without hard coding any numbers in the for loop?

    Java Code:
    Vector names = new Vector();

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    Vectors still have indexes, as a vector is nothing more than an array wrapped in a class, that can grow or shrink it as needed, so the following:
    Java Code:
    for(int i = 0; i < names.size(); i++) {
    Is perfectly valid. Next, do you know about generics? The way you defined your vector means it will return Object instances, and you have to guess what type the returned information is, and cast it.
    Java Code:
    Vector<String> names = new Vector<String>();
    This way, the Vector can only hold Strings, and even better, the get method returns a String instead of an Object.
    Also, using the enhanced for loop would be simpler in this case:
    Java Code:
    for(String s: names)
    Ever seen a dog chase its tail? Now that's an infinite loop.

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