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    Default Vectors - accessing an unknown amount of objects


    In basic form I have a class called students which make student objects with an instance variable called mark.

    Theres a question I have thats confusing me. It says that a method will take in a vector as its parameter of student objects. The requirements of the question are then for how many objects there are in the vector (The number of student objects in the vector will be random) that the mark of these students would be displayed. So for example if theres three student objects with marks 20,30,40. These values will be printed out like, "20 30 40"

    I understand that I can simply find out the size of the vector with int vecSize=vectorName.size();

    But what confuses me is after this how on earth will I be able to retrieve all of these objects as the size of the vector is unknown and number of objects in that vector are unknown?

    Any examples or explainations of the best way of doing this are much appreciated.

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    You'll want to use a for loop, either the standard for loop going from 0 to vectorName.size() or else the foreach loop: for (Student student: vectorName) {...

    If the first standard for loop, use the Vector's get(int i) method to get the Student object corresponding to that index number. If the foreach loop, then each time it loops the student variable will hold the next Student in the Vector.

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