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    Default Array Phone book

    So, I just took this Java class and my teacher is possibly the worst alive and has no idea how to teach Java. But you know I'll spare you my sorrow and waste of money stories and get to my real problem. I need to make a program that uses an array, but the program has to be a "phone book" type deal. So the program has to be able to hold 5 names and numbers, with the ability to add and delete numbers. It should also be able to search any name and output the number. If anyone would like to do this for would be much appreciated.

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    Since presumably you are intending on learning Java, otherwise you wouldn't have taken the course, then you really ought to do this yourself, you know.

    Maybe you should have picked a different course?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cdlove View Post
    If anyone would like to do this for would be much appreciated.
    I think that you're getting the point: that no one will do this for you, nor should they as we don't condone cheating here. Having said that, we enthusiastically will help those that show that they've put in much effort, and are willing to put in more effort. I'm going to lock this thread, but I encourage you to learn Java (and no blaming teachers -- we've heard it all before), try to solve this on your own, and then if you run into problems, post your code, your question about your code, and I can almost guarantee you lots of help. I wish you much luck.

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