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    Unhappy Problem Showing A Big String?

    I have some urgent work to produce for tomorrow. Unfortunately I have just noticed a major bug(!)

    I have been building a text analyser. One of the features is that it loads text from file and then places the text onto the screen in a JTextArea.

    My problem is, is when the file is above a certain size the Java program effectively "freezes". I would really beg for some reasons why this is happening. I am loading the file into an ArrayList<String> and then placing the contents into a JTextArea.

    I did an earlier version of this program using a JOptionPane with an embedded JFrame and this problem did not exist. I used the same method to read the data from file (so I know this is not the problem). I developed a new version as I needed to do something more advanced than JOptionPane and am using NetBeans.

    Please some one suggest a solution.

    I beg you!

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