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    Default Connect Four

    i am creating a code to make the grid and play the game Connect Four, I am stuck on a few elements and was wondering if anyone had any advice

    Java Code:
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.util.*;
     * Class that holds the different items to play Connect Four
     * @
    public class ConnectFour 
      private int [][] grid;
      private Referee ref;
      private Picture display;
      private static final Color [] CHECKER_COLORS = {Color.GRAY, Color.RED, Color.BLACK};
     public ConnectFour (); /// this method that will initalize the grid, Referee ,and display
      public void board(); // method to start creating the board
     graphics.setColor(Color.yellow); // sets the paint color to yellow
     graphics.fillRect(0,200,700,600); // fill the rectangle in with yellow
     graphics.setColor(Color.gray); // sets the paint color back to gray
     graphics.setColor(; //sets the paint color back to black 
        // create the grid
        grid = new int[7][6];
        // initialize the grid
        for (int row=0; row<6; row++) {
         for (int column=0; column<7; column++) {
          // set the position to a default value
          grid[column][row] = 0;
      public void updateDisplay() // this method updates the display picture (from the grid) and repaints it
      public void dropChecker(int column, int player) // this method should drop a checker for player player in column column
        Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
        System.out.println("What Column Would You Like: ");
        int column = sc.nextColumn();
      public int findWinner() // this method will simply ask the referee to find the winner. it will return winner, draw, or not finished call referee
      return Winner();
      public void opponentMove() // this method will carry out an opponent move. opponent should choose a column at random and drop a checker at that column
        Random randNumGen = new Random();
        double num = randNumGen.nextDouble();
        int steps = randNumGen.nextInt(8);
    } ///end of Connect Four method
    the elements required are listed but incomplete. and I have a seperate main method to play this method..
    thanks in advance for any advice

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    I am unsure on how to check and see what my grid looks like, so I know what I have to do still, and I am also unsure of how to go about making a drop Checker method, I have some ideas but none of them really come together to make sense. I have been also researching, how to reference another method, like I am trying to reference a code called in order to check for a winner.

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    None of your code compiles, and I'm not sure if it is because you haven't posted all of it, or if the code is truly borked, or if it's a combination of both.

    First of all you need to fix any compilation problems if you have any, one at a time, using the error messages as a guide. Then come on back if any are unfixable (show the code and the message).

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