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    Default generate random letters inbetween a string

    i am trying to create a program with will encode a word into special characters by using the space_size variable for example:i enter the word bill and the space_size is 2, therefore the program will output (@b*^i^@l(!l however i am having problems outputting this at the moment the code is adding an integer at the end of the word like bill245 for example, how do i correct this so it display 2 random characters in between each letter. Thanks for the help.

    Java Code:
       for (int i=0; i < word.length(); i++)
            char c = word.charAt(i);
            k = (int) word.length();
            int j = (int) c;
            System.out.println("ASCII of: "+ c +" = " + j);
            ascii_total = ascii_total + j;
       char_total = char_total + k;
       space_size = ascii_total % char_total;
       System.out.println("Value length is: " + ascii_total);
       System.out.println("The word length is: " + char_total);
       System.out.println("The spacing size is: " + space_size);
       System.out.println("Please enter a sentence: ");
       sentence = keyboard.nextLine();
       for ( int l=1; l <= space_size; l++)
             char d = sentence.charAt(space_size);
             double randomNumber = Math.random();
             double randomNumberSetup = (randomNumber * 26 + 'a');
             char randomCharacter = (char) randomNumberSetup;
             final_word = (randomCharacter + d + sentence);
             System.out.println("The secret word is: " + final_word);

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    I'm not exactly comfortable with your question. Correct me if I'm wrong. You have a word with letters and you are encoding in a way that you want. Then what you want to do is, if the word contain both letters, as well digits then encoding only letters ?

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