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    Default Export array to .csv file

    Hello all,

    really really simple question.

    I have an array of doubles (size = ~1000), and I want to export it into an excel file just to make some graphs.

    So how would I just put it all into a row of excel? I've heard that writing to a .csv file would easily accomplish this. I've never written to a file using Java, so any physical code that you could provide would be very helpful.

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    I've never written to a file using Java,
    Well, what text book are you using? I'm sure it has examples of I/O.

    If you don't have a text book, then its time to read tutorials. The Java tutorials will get you started. The "Essential Java Classes" covers I/O. And there are also plenty of examples on the forum. Once you determine which class and method you need to use you can search for examples.

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