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    Default Create the game Hangman

    Hi, I have to create the game Hangman. It has to run in the command prompt. I have drawn scaffold and created an array with words.

    I can randomly generate a word from that list. My first problem comes in getting the length of that word. I can't seem to figure out how to get the length of the word.
    When I get the length of the word i can loop the length to draw __'s for the length.
    My next problem would be, how do you get user inputs as guesses from the command prompt as guesses, then determine if they are in the actual word generated, then return a wrong if wrong, display correct letters in place, and add the list of guessed letters to the settings.

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    how to get the length of the word
    Use the String method length
    Java Code:
    int len = word.length();
    Java Code:
    import java.util.*;
    public class UserInput {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            String[] words = { "hello", "world" };
            Random rand = new Random();
            Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;
            String choice;
            do {
                String word = words[rand.nextInt(words.length)];
                System.out.println("Guess word");
                String guess = scanner.nextLine();
                if(word.equals(guess)) {
                } else {
                    // add the list of guessed letters to the settings
                    // Do you mean to the words array?
                    words = addGuess(words, guess);
                    System.out.printf("words = %s%n", Arrays.toString(words));
                System.out.println("More? \"y\" or any key");
                choice = scanner.nextLine();
            } while(choice.equals("y"));
        private static String[] addGuess(String[] array, String element) {
            int len = array.length;
            String[] temp = new String[len+1];
            System.arraycopy(array, 0, temp, 0, len);
            temp[len] = element;
            return temp;

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