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    Exclamation Content Changing to many Text files

    Our team of web designers (3 high school kids XD) made our own website "" (no its not what you really think it is) and we are constantly changing layouts, colors and the size of everything. The text files we use are basiclly divided in to two, the top half being the design and layout and the bottom half being the content of that webpage. What we need help with is developing a program that:
    1. opens a single file with notepad (or soemthing similar) and copies every line in it
    2. open a file and paste the content of that file into the top half and saves it 3. goes into subfolders and changes other files that it finds using the same single file and saves
    4. goes into sub-subfolder ect.. ect..

    Right now we have about 200 differnt pages that we work with and if we had a program to do it for us in a few min rather than a whole day, this would save us alot of time and allow us to work on HTML more.

    If you can post a solution to just one of those points above, we are skilled enough in Java to merge code together =)

    -Thanks for reading =)

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    good job!

    builds character :)

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    You need a CMS (Content Management System); there are a couple of free ones floating around on the net; google for them.

    kind regards,


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    Have you ever considered using a web framework which does this for you? Simple php with includes would make the trick - or JSP - or any other web framework. Depends on which framework your hoster provides.

    Or the design in a seperate css file which is included by the html sites.

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