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    Question Project Help

    Here is what i need to do I have done i. and ii. and iii.
    iv. I do not understand how to set a 2d boolean array to a new char array

    b.should call the Modelís constructor and pass it the
    String array. The Modelís constructor should
    i. create a 2D char array from the 1D String array
    (Hint: you can use Stringís toCharArray())
    ii. set its own instance variable of type 2D char array
    to this newly created array.
    iii. create a 2D boolean array with the same sizes as
    that of the 2D char array.
    iv. set its own instance variable of type 2D boolean
    array to this newly created array.

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    Can you provide more details and perhaps some code?

    Much luck

    edit: also, you'll likely want to acknowledge and thank moon for his help in your previous thread.

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    Well, the assignment doesn't say you need to "set the boolean array to the char array", frankly, I don't even know what that would mean. The text just said to create a boolean 2d array that is the same size as the char array. If you looked through the code snipped I posted in your other thread, you should have seen that I initialized the char array using the string arrays length field. Just do the same.
    Oh, and Fubarable, you're too kind :D
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