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    Cool GUI - how do I get frames within a frame

    Hi. What I want to do is to display some kind of java boxes within a JFrame.

    At the moment I have a program that consists of a JFrame, JMenu and JButtons and the user can enter some text in a JTextArea. The user can also load or save text using JFileChooser.

    The program displays statistics about the text. However, all of the display boxes/panes appear outside of the main JFrame.

    What I want to do is display the various statistics and JFileChooser panes inside the JFrame.

    I would be grateful if someone could give me some ideas as to how one goes about doing this.

    Many thanks!

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    You can use several JPanels and give them borders such as line borders or titled borders. Have a look at the BorderFactory API for more on this. There may be a tutorial for this as well, but I'm not sure.

    Edit: yep -- How to use Borders

    Edit 2: as for JFileChooser, since it is subclassed from JComponent, you can add one of these into your application as easily as you add a JPanel into it.
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