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    Default Using SwingWorker

    I have a JButton that exchanges the contents of two JTextAreas:
    Java Code:
    String temp = leftTextArea.getText();
    Let's assume that this operation can be quite time-consuming (i.e. moving large chunks of text). Therefore, I should put this into a separate thread, so that user can use the GUI while the text in both of the JTextAreas is being processed.
    I have read about SwingWorker class, but since I've never used that before, I am not quite sure how to do this using the SwingWorker.

    This is what I've come up with so far:
    Java Code:
    new SwingWorker<Void, Void>() {
    		String text1, text2;
    		public Void doInBackground() {
    	        	  text1 = leftTextArea.getText();
    	        	  text2 = rightTextArea.getText();
    	        	  return null;  
    	        public void done() {
    Is the above code OK? Or should I move the two lines in the done() method to the doInBackground() and leave the body of done() empty?

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    Don't exchange those Strings but exchange the Documents between those two JTextAreas.

    kind regards,


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