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    Default Really quick question

    Ok, I am following the book "Killer Game Programming" by O'Reilly. This code is from his book, I just have a few questions on what it means, because i get errors when i try and compile. The errors are that the variable period doesn't exist, which it doesn't. Here is the code:

    Java Code:
    public void run( )
        /* Repeatedly: update, render, sleep so loop takes close
           to period ms */
          long beforeTime, timeDiff, sleepTime;
          beforeTime = System.currentTimeMillis( );
          running = true;
          while(running) {
            gameUpdate( );
            gameRender( );
            paintScreen( );
            timeDiff = System.currentTimeMillis( ) - beforeTime;
            sleepTime = [COLOR="Blue"]period[/COLOR] - timeDiff;   // time left in this loop
            if (sleepTime <= 0)  // update/render took longer than period
              sleepTime = 5;    // sleep a bit anyway
            try {
              Thread.sleep(sleepTime);  // in ms
            catch(InterruptedException ex){}
            beforeTime = System.currentTimeMillis( );
        } // end of run( )
    "A popular measure of how fast an animation progresses is frames per second (FPS). For GamePanel, a frame corresponds to a single pass through the update-render-sleep loop inside run( ). Therefore, the desired 100 FPS imply that each iteration of the loop should take 1000/100 == 10 ms. This iteration time is stored in the period variable in GamePanel."

    Above is the paragraph in the book describing period. So is period simply a variable that you can put whatever time you want in it, or does it need to be something calculated?

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    period is a variable indeed, and it's the number of milliseconds you expect one frame to take. So for example if you want 25 FPS, your period should be (1000/25)=40. You don't need to calculate it in code.

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    ok that's what i was thinking, thanks for helping out so fast =]

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