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    Default Problem reading from socket using read(bytes[])


    I am using[]) to read bytes using TCP protocol.
    Problem is :

    When I try to run the code on windows server , it reads complete bytes.
    But when I run the same code on Linux server , I sometimes get incomplete bytes.

    I am trying to figure out why behaves differently on two platforms?


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    read(bytes[]) doesn't guarantee you'll read it to the end. Here's how you write that code:

    Java Code:
    byte [] bytes = new byte [EXPECTED_SIZE];
    // read returns the number of bytes actually read
    int numRead = (bytes);
    // there're still more bytes to read:
    while (numRead != EXPECTED_SIZE) {
      // read more bytes and put them into the array starting at position "numRead",
      // for the maximum of "EXPECTED_SIZE - numRead" bytes
      numRead += (bytes, numRead, EXPECTED_SIZE - numRead);

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