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    Default I can't read a text file located inside my jar.

    Hi, Im getting a hard time trying to read a text file
    inside my jar file, Im trying this way:

    private Scanner in;

    public void openFile() {
    try {
    in= new Scanner(new File("data.txt"));
    catch(FileNotFoundException fileNotFoundException) {
    System.err.println("The file cannot be found");

    Where "data.txt is in the root dir of my jar file(The file always exist inside the jar file), I know its easier to create a new text file where the jar is launch, but it lose portability, I want to move from place to place without losing the
    informacion contained inside de file(data.txt)

    Any idea guyz? :)
    thanks in advance
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    A 'file' in a .jar file is not a file; it is just an entry in that .jar file and you can only read from that resource. Read the API documentation for the Class.getResourceAsStream( ... ) method.

    kind regards,


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