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    Post StringList character rotation

    Please please help! I would appreciate it so much :)

    I'm trying to get a StringList of all the rotations for a given string, such as abcd

    ie. abcd -> bcda -> cdab -> dabc

    but I only seem to be able to get one with my code

    public static String iterations(String s) {
    StringBuffer iteration = new StringBuffer(butFirst(s));
    return iteration.toString();

    the two methods

    first(s) gives the first letter of the string, ie. a of abcd
    butFirst(s) gives the rest of the string, ie. bcd of abcd

    could someone please help me get a list of all the rotations? I tried using a for loop but it doesn't seem to work...
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    Quote Originally Posted by aquafoam View Post

    I tried using a for loop but it doesn't seem to work...
    Post your attempt, post the output you got, post the exact error messages you got.

    You need some kind of loop to get all rotations.
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