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    Default compile error - calling methods from main

    Hi all doing college question again but stuck right at the end of it >.< pretty much is a simple program to just check if two command line arguements have been made, otherwise it just prints the last command line arguement (from args[1]) The only problem I have with this is that theres already a print method made which you have to use to output args[1] so you cant simply use System.out.println()

    Heres the code:

    public class Exercise {
    public void printout(String a) { //Not allowed to change
    System.out.println(a); //Not allowed to change
    } //Not allowed to change

    public static void main(String args[]) {

    int arraysize = args.length;
    String output = "";

    if(arraysize>2) {
    output = "Wrong input";
    else if(arraysize<2) {
    output = "Wrong input";
    } //End if
    else {
    output = args[1];



    the problem is the last line when i try to call printout() it gives a complile error like non-static method can be referenced from a static context. And because the question your not allowed to change that method at all.

    Thanks in advance

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    yeah, the compiler has a point.

    as a quick fix, do this:

    Java Code:
    public static void main (String[] args) {
      (new Exercise()).doStuff (args);
    public void doStuff (String[] args) {
      //copy-paste in here whatever's in your main() now
    but you really should read up on what "static" actually means...

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