I'm brand spankin' new.
I tried Ruby, I'm currently using notepad, I'm on a laptop that's running Micro Windows XP OS. So, it could just be that even though Ruby worked, this might not be compatable with my current situation, however, I do have an OS of Windows Vista Home Premium, which I have yet to try it on, but, I want my coding to work here.

So, here's the situation!:

I moved my java folder into the c drive directly, as it was in a file there-in of Microsoft, so it wouldn't let me do the whole cd C:\java thing, so when I fixed it, it works now.

Then, when I've got my wonderful little work done (it's a very simple one from a guide provided by someone from java), I get to the compiler portion.
Well, here's what happens...

I do the javac and the file I'm trying to compile, however, I know I need to use c:\java\bin\javac then the filename.java and such. However! When I do this, it gives me the message saying that "The system cannot find the path specified."!

Anyone know what to do for this little beginner? :)
I'm really hoping to be able to get my teeth into this, plainly for my own betterment, so it should help to say, I am no student of programming, hehe!

Thanks for any and all help! :)